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Beginners part suggestions?

Hi guys,

I am only new to the world of robotics and I was just wondering if you guys could help me out.  For the past few weeks I could not decide what way to go about making my first buy (Arduino or Picaxe).  Just tonight I decided that I would just purchase both so I bought the Start here robot kit aswell as an Arduino Duo off ebay. I then went on to purchase some 5m LEDs. The question I have is, What other bits and pieces would you guys suggest I order to get me started? (resistors, capacitors, wires and such if any?)... To start out I will just start with basic tutorials but and advance from there but I would like to grab all the little bits at once so i receive them all at around the same time. Any suggestions would be great!


Thanks guys :)


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Awesome, thanks for you reply!  I think I will just build the Start here robot and then start planning other projects!

Thanks again!


Hi Quenel,

I've been there a few months ago ! If you have no knowledge in electronic or software developpement, I would recommand you to go for the easiest solution, which is the Start Here Guide. Everything is explained, step by step, all components are listed there, you just have to order them and follow instructions, it is that simple ! So, there's no rush, build your Start Here Robot as soon as you got your kit, understand how it works, modify the code etc. When it will be done, you will have more ideas about want you want to do (and so, what you need to buy ;).

And don't worry, Picaxe allows you to do many great things ! I was also hesitating between Arduino and Picaxe. I know someday I'll take a look at the Arduino (among others solutions), but I also know time spent working with Picaxe is not wasted and I am still far from any limitation !

Have a lot fun bulding you first robot !