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Question about little8

Your site inspired me to try my hand at creating a small robot. It's something i've always wanted to do but never knew where to start.

I took a look at your little8 project and decided to give it a shot. I bought all the parts and got them in the mail today. I have it all built and wired up but i'm having a problem with one of the pin connections.

I have my left motor hooked up to pins 2 and 4. My right motor is hooked to pins 0 and 1.

When I issue the command 'high 0 low 1' the motor doesn't do anything at all. Command 'high 1 low 0' drives the motor forward, so i know the motor is working. If I switch the wires around from pins 1 and 0 and send 'high 1 low 0' the motor drives backwards... but 'high 0 low 1' still doesn't work.

I also cant seem to get a response from pin3:

if pin3 = 1 then

high 2 low 4

end if


That doesn't do anything when i trigger the front bumpers.


Any suggestions for me?


Thanks for a great site!


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How cool that you actually bought the stuff.

I think you are doing just fine with playing around with it!

Sounds strange that you "have to hold the trigger for pin3 in some time" - that should not be the case; Somehow you code must be avoiding the check. If you have a main routine that looks something like this:




test pin 3

goto main


You should not be able to notice any delay - unless "yadayada" takes the minds of your mini-bot to sleep somehow :) 

/ Frits


PS: Please share what you are working on (top right corner of this web after logging in) And also I think we have to start a "code of good behaivour" in here; One should always only post about a robot or question at the source. That means that this post would be better placed at the "Little8 - page" as a comment. it will make it easier for others to learn from what you have gone through, not having to search the whole site etc :)


Okay... I seem to have the pin3 issue resolved. Looks like i have to hold in the trigger longer then I thought. Still having trouble with the right motor and reverse though (but thats not stopping me from having fun with it :-)