Let's Make Robots!

Solar Roller Boidy

rolls forward

  I need a red rubber band tire!

 The neck wiggles for awhile after it comes to a halt. 




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wooo boidy! sounds like birdy with n american accent!

this was the first what I wanted to write and it is ;-)

Besides your electronic skills your design is most interesting. The two transistors lokks like the pilot and the co-pilot...well done!

Monty Python did this sketch called "confuse a cat" - Your's looks pretty confused there as well :P Great job :)


That is a great looking bot.  I'm way more impressed than the cat appears to be!

Love the cat. They and robots go hand and hand. 

It takes a while to charge up, in what looks to be early morning sunshine, but when it fires it travels quite a distance!

How big is the capacitor? I can't see it in the photos.

0.35F Double Layer Capacitor (CP0.35F) - The Solarbotics kit lists this now but mine was , I think, .33F as I have had it for some time...I'm too lazy to go look.  I have nothing to compare mine with so I am interested to hear that was an OK distance!  The capacitor is in the red heat shrink on the alligator clip...it just sits in there loosely like a can in a cup holder.

I am an elementary school art teacher...so you can see where my design sensibilities come from :-)

 I embraced the Seuss comment as one of the coolest complements I have had in years!!!

When I have my chops down I want to make light-hearted bots that go about their business and make one smile when you meet up.

Drawings by 2nd graders

Seuss style drawing by 2nd graders

This really made me chuckle!

Looks great, Emma. Very nicely done!