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Live Show - themed episodes: call for suggestions

In the last live show episode 013, we suggested doing some more themed episodes. Number 13 was all about "support chips". Now please tell us: what are some of the themes you would like us to use?

But most of all: tell us how much you love the how. Because we need that kind of praise to keep the momentum going! ;-)


(That's a WINKY, in case you missed it!)

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If I can't watch it live I watch it afterwards. Keep it going. The last one I think was the best yet from a technical standpoint. Loved Chris's story at the end about the five p's. I was similarly indoctrinated to the 5 p's on a foolish mission many years ago. Also by a couple of old wisemen with beers in their hands.

As for themes, I think the options are limitless. What about pick a different functional module from a robotic system. Like ranging or communication or encoders or visual output or audible output.

How about the different implementations of robotics. Like either the form factors (humanoid, wheeled, tracked ,aerial etc..) or the purpose (maze solver, rover, butler bots, soccer etc...)

How about parts scavenging. Examples of how you can remove the ir gear from a broken video or tv and use it in a robot. Or motors and other parts. I understand we won't see an example of hard drive motors repurposed. ; )

You could mix and match instead of the complete episode on one topic. Like have a chip of the week segment. Which you have done already in other shows iirc.

Maybe you could interview robot building professionals like robots podcast does? Hope that stimulates your creativity anyway. It will be interesting to read other suggestions.


Here are a few topics, some of them are some I've been working on for a bit, myself:

  • Power Management(mentioned briefly in episode #13)
  • Recharging Strategies
  • Robot Design
  • Sensor Reviews
  • Interviews of LMR'ns (Patrick comes to mind)
  • Updates to the Site

Just a few suggestions, hope this helps

Btw, I thought the last show was the most awesome so far, even if Camera B was like the Dallas Cowboys and decided to show up for the pregame and refuse to play ball afterwards. (Yeah, still upset with the Thanksgiving Day Game here in Dallas)