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What could I make with....

Hi all,

I am fairly new to the robot building scene, however I have a fair bit of experience with my arduino =) I am looking to build my first robot shortly after Christmas when I have all the parts I need, until then what is the most impressive thing I could do with the parts listed below??


  • Arduino duemilanove
  • L293D dual motor H-bridge
  • 5 LDR's
  • A large selection of resistors and transistors
  • Small speakers
  • 1 standard servo
  • 1 mini servo
  • Two breadboards
  • Several 9v battery packs
  • Temperature sensor, LM35DT
  • red, green and yellow LED's
  • blue, green and red clear, bright LED's
  • Various potentiometers
  • Several infrared LED's
  • some push buttons
  • some switches
  • an opto-isolator 
  • CD4049UBE shift register
  • A couple of capacitors
  • A photo diode
  • A (possibly working) IR receiver
  • Some normal diodes
  • A selection of various dc motors

I also have basic tools, screws and balsa wood for constructing things.


Looking forward to some ideas!


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Yeah I like that idea flokos, thanks :) I think I'm going to make one with light and heat seeking modes, maybe some impact sensors using push buttons and a stairs/step/big fall sensor using a variation of AmandaLDR (thanks AgentBurn for that suggestion).

Once again thanks for the help :)

A heat seeker would be ok I think.

You can make robot using DC motors for moving (if they are geared) and make something like Amanda LDR with small stuff you have. If they aint geared you could try to get some cheap toys that have gears just to make your motors slower and stronger.

lol I know I've got a good amount of parts! I was just hoping some of you might have some ideas that don't require expensive sensors or fully rotational servo's :P

MacGyver saw this thread and lol'd. All he needs is a rubber band, a paperclip and a piece of tape!