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Nao Developer Program

For the robot software programmers out there, looks like Aldebaran robotics is starting a Nao Developer program (by invitation only, but some are available at this link:)


The neat part is that they'll be creating a "Robot App Store" eventually, exclusive to the robot developers. Should I apply... it costs 3600 euros to get a robot and development suite :S

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I remember this bot. I'd love to be able to play around with it, but that's far too steep a price for me. The ability to program more high level stuff is pretty cool with the api that comes with it though.

Naw, I don't have the money :/ Academic robotics is so expensive <begin rant> The academic version of this humanoid is over $12,000 US. With that money I could buy a real car... The thing is that their usual consumers are universities and research institutions. Those people are overflowing with money so they can actually charge that much. At the same time they only sell a handful per year and have to pay their 100 employees... </end rant> Making my own robot is great fun, but at the same time, is it scalable?

So you pay to play with their stuff and they get your code?  I thought you either sold code or gave it away, not pay to have somebody take away like yesterday's garbage.

For 3600 euro, you could set up a small automated manufacturing plant with a few reprap and cnc machines to custom make any part or piece your heart desired.

They gonna start selling jobs next?


You would sell your code to them is the idea, I think. It does sound kind of marketing schemey (with only a down payment of 3600 euros, ...!) so I'm wary. OTOH being able to go robot.walk() or mouth.say("I'm the king of the world") out of the box means more time coding higher level AI. The software API is really slick, so it might be worth it...  iuno.

3600 euros is a ripoff

for that kind of money you can probably make a robot car that drives itself around town... but if you have the money, go for it