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Seeeduino Motion Frame

Vendor's Description: 

Seeeduino Film Motion Frame is a motion sensing extension board designed for Seeeduino Film. It’s flexible, super slim, and suitable to build wearable applications. It consists of a barometer, 32Mbit flash and a 3axis accelerometer Sensor to provide sensing and logging of height, temperature, air pressure, motion. FILM and other extension FRAMEs could be simply connected via the 20p universal bus like a chain, native 2.54mm pitch pins also enable quick prototyping.

  • Seeeduino Film compatible
  • Flexible
  • I2C 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • I2C Barometer
  • SPI 32M-BIT flash
  • Ultra small/slim form factor
  • 0.1” pitch pad breakout
  • 20pin daisy-chain flex bus
  • Transform by cutting and chaining
  • Reinforced to increase endurance
Application Ideas
  • Sports and Gyms
  • Aviation
  • Hiking/Climbing
  • Data logging
  • Environment Sensing
  • Security