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Hi From Malaysia

Hello LMR World:) First of all i want to appreciate all of you for such a GREAT project.. Im a first year student of Robotics and automation engineering in MMU (Malaysia) from Azerbaijan.. I was so excited when i found this site and ma excitement is getting higher and higher every time when i connect to the internet..:):) But the problem is I dont know any electronics shops and shops where i can get parts for making robots ( servos geared motors chains and so on..) Specially i dont know where to get the PICAXE Boards... Shipping from other countries is getting more expensive and its not affordable for a student in a foreign country:):) Looking forward for your advices and comments.. Thanks again:):)

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is it soo difficult to find electronics stuff here??:))

Yugga electronic supplies sells PICAXE for sure, www.memory.com.sg they are located in Singapore, not very far from melaka ;-)


check www.malaysia.rs-online.com , they are located in PJ, Kuala Lumpur. They sell all kind of electronic components. They dont sell servos, these you can buy at www.robotclub.com.my located in Damansara KL, they have dynamixel which are expensive, but also the cheap ones.

Heyy thanxs:):) it seems useful:):) but still they dont have PICAXE boards:( do u know where i can get them??

Send a email to Carolyn Tang [carolyn@robotclub.com.my] Im sure she can help you. The web site only shows robot kits, but they also sell all kind of parts.

Ask the teachers, tutors and other students at your university. They may know of a local electronics parts shop. Don`t feel ripped off if you have to order online, most of us do too. I only go to my local shop for 1 off things I need right away or for project boxes so that I can check them out first hand.

You have obviously done an internet search in your native language?

yea actually ma language doesn't seem like technological one:P Yea i think ill have to shop online... But other minus of online shopping that delivery takes too much time.. anyway.. ill try first find some local stores if not online... thanks for ur reply:)

Maybe your best bet is salvage!

if you can find a buliding that's about to be demolished, they might throw out old hardware - or visit the tip, or ask your mates for old bits and pieces.  I don't know if you'll find many microprocessors, or any at all really, but you could probably get some stuff to play around with - maybe you could "borrow" a few arduino processors from your university?