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Big in Japan?

Google and Youtube keep haunting me for my dead projects. Today I was found by an editor for Gakken's magazine "Otona no Kagaku" (Grownup's Science). The magazine's upcoming January issue will have a Theo Jansen theme. Jansen apparantly is very big in Japan. The magazine includes a miniature, wind powered model of a strandbeest.

LMR has a few members in the Land of the Rising Robots. Do you know this magazine by any chance? Could you tell me what it says on this web page and cover? My Japanese ain't what it used to be.



Update 19 Jan 2011

The Gakken people are setting up a Theo Jansen exhibition in the "National Museum of Emerging Technology and Innovation". And they invited my proto type of a leg to be exhibited alongside (and they invited Gareth's Schneebeast as well!).

So today I made a nice package and sent it off to The Other Side of the World.

And yes, I included a few extras, just to be safe ;-)

Tough form to fill! What is the declared value of a TJ-leg? How would you describe it for customs? I'm going with "plywood art" for USD100, Alec. The stickers alone are worth it!

If you're interested in the development of my work, visit the pages tagged as theo jansen.



30 jan 2011

I just received a link to a Flickr set of the exhibition at the Miraikan.

This is the only picture that shows both Gareth's and my art.

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Another LMR success story!

Man did she take some packing - took me a whole afternoon - cutting polystyrene etcetcetc .... but well worth her weight 2.4 Kgs in gold.

おめでとうございます !

生物学的ロボット脚感激です !

Ils sont foux, les Japonais!


Congrats! ... did you ever think 2 years ago.. your beast legs would be running to Nippon?  Life can be sweet !

I thought I'd have a running bot by now!


Thats super cool rik ....... did you plug my cow to cozzzzzzzz........

Rare Swiss Cow has been nabbed too

This is gonna be super cool for LMR