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Wasn't too sure where to put this, but I was wondering a bit on how it may bew possibly ot hack into a roboni- i robot. It's got a lot of cool sensors, infrared and components for talking back and forth to other robots, and I was wondering what one might be ableot do with it. The site and online game ofr it went down a whiel ago, but the robot is still pretty fun. Anyone know anything about this bot?

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Could be an interesting project for hacking. AFAIK an AVR is used as controller. The wheels looks interesting too, maybe you could make 2 monowheel robots out of it. The price (80$) is ok for that what you get, RF comm and RFID reader included.

Yeah,  I poped it apart. There's actually a port on the back so it can attach to the computer. You can use the program that comes with it to change parameters. They claim it as programming, but it just alters reactions to various stimulai and that's pretty much it. a bit of drang and drop, but no coding. But yeah, if needed, I'll give a try to get a few pictures in so people can see the innards.

I don't know anything about these...  Have you taken it apart yet? If you do, post some pictures so we can try to help you.