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super torque motor but how to mount/use it?

Hi all,

I got this high torque motor recently but having problem to find a proper way to mount it and it also has a one side flat rod as the spec as follow:

Anyone knows how to find a good hub for it to connect to wheels and mount it with machine?

Much appriciate for any inputs and suggestions~


By the way, this motor is extremely slow but very high torque. Do you think 2 of this might enough to carry a man weight?

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They focus on battlebot size robots but have parts for all sizes. You might find a wheel hub/mount here, or at least one you could easily modify to fit a 7 mm shaft.


They got a lots of stuff there, however I can't find one to match that shaft. 

Good place to dig more fun stuff though. Thanks!~

you could drill out a 6 mm shaft hub to increase it to 7mm if there is enough material around the shaft hole, or you could press an insert into one that has a shaft hole too big and reduce it down. Just a thought.

I'm not much help with hubs for you. I'm not versed in the 7mm shaft range.

To motivate a bot ~7kg (15lbs) you need a motor with something like 15kg/cm of torque. These motors you're showing provide almost 1kg/cm.

edit- Sorry, I missed the reduction specs. This setup provides around 17kg/cm torque. Still short of mobilizing all but the smallest homo sapiens.

LOL~ Yeah I guess so. Maybe its only good for 3~5yrs kids weight.

I actually try to force to stop the motor by hand since you were saying 1kg/cm. Then, I start wondering if I am getting old and weak that I can't stop 1kg/cm already. Anyway, it seems not easy to find such proper hub to mount the wheels.