Let's Make Robots!

Canadian National Robotic Games 2010

Hello all,

I had a great time in Toronto for this years Robot games.  I managed to get 2nd place in the masters mini sumo competition with Blaster shark.  I made a new robot called Driller shark which I will post shortly in the robot section.  It didn't do that well, but all in all I had fun.  Here are the pictures.

Ordinary lunch kit?


Getting the robots ready the day before.

My Robot team posing.

The robot that took first place in the masters mini sumo.

My second place prizes.  Not sure if I can really use either at the moment.

I brought back a friend for my chicken.

They seem to be getting along :).  Well folks thats all for now.  I have to go though my videos now and edit them for your viewing pleasure.

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Ontario Science Center eh! How could I missed that event!!

Good job and congratulation!

Congrats! Nice job and nice pictures!

Thank you for the pictures, I've been there but was way too busy to tweak last year's fire fighting program on my robot (stupid me, I thought the event was a week after) and didn't get a chance to take pictures. Oh well, next year I'll have my robot redesigned completely and hopefully finally functional.

Once again congratulations for your achievements and I really like your robots!