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Dust sensor


this is my first post. 

we are planing to make a new dust sensor. This sensor should detect when the dust is accumulated over a surface. when the accumulated dust become noticeable, the sensor output will be high. the proposed sensor may use the light , IR or color sensing. it should record the readings of the reflected IR (or color) when the surface is clean. after dust accumulation over the surface,the sensor measurement will be somehow different. this difference will trigger the sensor decision control to activate the output. this sensor is expected to be helpful in automatic cleaning robots. to make the cleaning schedule adaptive depends on the weather and not fixed schedule. 

 i searched the net and could not find any similar ideas.

any comments, suggestions, similar ideas or discussion will be helpful. 

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You can always try to buy something like this:


thank you for your information XicoMBD. this device is designed to detect particles in air. this is not the case with our sensor. we are planing to detect when there are some dust accumulated on a surface not in the air. 






Yes, I noticed it, but I tought you might be interested on it. 

Stupid idea: You can always use a fan to put the dust on the air ;)


That sounds like a nice idea. Are you trying to make something for all types of surfaces and all types of dust? If you are then I can see you might have a fair bit of a challenge on your hands ....

Good Luck :)

yes i agree with you it is really big challenge and new sensor.