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My First Segway

Brings me everywhere

This is my first arduino project ever. I at first wanted to create a wireless car with a camera mount so that i can drive around the building. I started at the car scrap where I found two wiper motors for 10 EUR total (!). The man told me these things were incredibly strong so I figured why not carry me around then? The idea for a segway rose.

btw: the video is still an old one, i will upload a newer one asap


Thanks to people from the circuits-online forum I soldered my own motor control whose cables frequently melted - a lot - I finally got it working without any heat issues - thanks to the MOSFETs and thick enough wires - I first used ordinary transistors, but they got pretty warm:

After the wiring has been made thicker, it finally worked. here's a video of me standing on it and controlling it using the WASD-keys on my macbook in Processing: http://www.facebook.com/v/1675245211184


To control it, I use my android phone with TouchOSC (just released - 1 dec 2010). It sends the current x,y coordinate of my finger on the touchscreen to my macbook with Processing. This sends a signal through the xbees to the arduino in my segway.

I have a new video of me (standing on it riding it) still in the want-to-edit/upload-queue, so pls wait for more! 




I now hooked up an AXIS ip camera and a wifi router. now im able to watch the cam-feed on my iphone and control it with my android phone!!

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because this still isn't a robot I thought adding a webcam - or putting my macbook on it - then maybe program it to follow someone holding a fiducial/marker using reacTIVision or maybe someone else has a good idea?

From where did you got those motors are so neat.

Can buy 2 of those somewhere on the web?

i went to the local car demolition place 'autosloop in Dutch' and there i got two wiper motors for 10 EUR ( ± $15)..Opel is a european brand, i dont think they have it there in the US though.... here's a good site with a lot info:


I live in Greece which is in europe but I dont know where to find such a place.

you dont have a junkyard in Greece???

junkyard =  μάντρα according to Google Translate...

Ofcourse we have but they will sell them at exorbitant prices even if it is junk.

You could always post it under "something else", and it is something else! Very cool idea!

Can you post source code, please?


Thanks! :)

source code? for what? arduino? processing?

im not gonna put my *lifework* here out in the public hehe ;)

just what would you like te know, for example?