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Does balance car have a third small wheel ?

why is there a third wheel?

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update: i now mounted an Axis 205 IP-camera and a linksys WiFi Router which both work on the 12V battery. the IP cam needed a voltage regulator (LM7805) in between the cam and the battery (for the 5V .5 A power supply).

Now I can watch the webcam feed on my iPod Touch and control it on my Android HTC Legend  xD

Can you post source code, please?


Thanks! :)

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source code? for what? arduino? processing?

im not gonna put my *lifework* here out in the public hehe ;)

just what would you like te know, for example?

I was curious to know what kind of control system you were controlling the motors, whether it was PID or not.

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for each motor, i use two relays to go back/forward, and a MOSFET to control speed using PWM. Each relay is controlled by a transistor, which is connected to an arduino port.

here's a picture:

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You could always post it under "something else", and it is something else! Very cool idea!

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From where did you got those motors are so neat.

Can buy 2 of those somewhere on the web?

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i went to the local car demolition place 'autosloop in Dutch' and there i got two wiper motors for 10 EUR ( ± $15)..Opel is a european brand, i dont think they have it there in the US though.... here's a good site with a lot info: