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My First Segway

Brings me everywhere

This is my first arduino project ever. I at first wanted to create a wireless car with a camera mount so that i can drive around the building. I started at the car scrap where I found two wiper motors for 10 EUR total (!). The man told me these things were incredibly strong so I figured why not carry me around then? The idea for a segway rose.

btw: the video is still an old one, i will upload a newer one asap


Thanks to people from the circuits-online forum I soldered my own motor control whose cables frequently melted - a lot - I finally got it working without any heat issues - thanks to the MOSFETs and thick enough wires - I first used ordinary transistors, but they got pretty warm:

After the wiring has been made thicker, it finally worked. here's a video of me standing on it and controlling it using the WASD-keys on my macbook in Processing: http://www.facebook.com/v/1675245211184


To control it, I use my android phone with TouchOSC (just released - 1 dec 2010). It sends the current x,y coordinate of my finger on the touchscreen to my macbook with Processing. This sends a signal through the xbees to the arduino in my segway.

I have a new video of me (standing on it riding it) still in the want-to-edit/upload-queue, so pls wait for more! 




I now hooked up an AXIS ip camera and a wifi router. now im able to watch the cam-feed on my iphone and control it with my android phone!!

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I was curious to know what kind of control system you were controlling the motors, whether it was PID or not.

for each motor, i use two relays to go back/forward, and a MOSFET to control speed using PWM. Each relay is controlled by a transistor, which is connected to an arduino port.

here's a picture:

update: i now mounted an Axis 205 IP-camera and a linksys WiFi Router which both work on the 12V battery. the IP cam needed a voltage regulator (LM7805) in between the cam and the battery (for the 5V .5 A power supply).

Now I can watch the webcam feed on my iPod Touch and control it on my Android HTC Legend  xD

why is there a third wheel?

Does balance car have a third small wheel ?