Let's Make Robots!

I just love the LMR people here!!

Just wanna say THANK YOU to all LMR people here to help me out to understand more about building robot and some good concept for electronic knowledge. Thanks to Paul, RobotX, Chris, Ezekiel, Anas, birdmun and all others whoever post on my topic. Month ago I am just a guy who build robots that doesn't really know how regulators, diodes works or even spell them. Still long way to go and lots of practices thou~

Hopefully I could be someone who can help new comers to build their dream, too.

Thanks again for all LMR people for your projects and tips!!

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Yer! :D

I'll drink to that :}

Actually thats what Im gonna post about IK programming in Arduino. That's totally out of my range. It just way too much math for me and seems no simple solution for that.

Your welcome.

it's like paying your kharma to the universe.   you hope it comes back to you someday.   I know I sure will need it soon!

its funny, not everyone knows everything, but collectivley the right answers eventually come through.

I just want to see that little guy go!

keep your seatbelt on.  usually the software problems are harder to solve than the hardware problems.

I will have to announce my disagreement on that " software problems are harder to solve than the hardware problems.".

Freakin hardware, you may have to rebuild the entire robot! Soldering, gluing, screwing, damn!!

On SW, if something is wrong, you just change it. You can have several versions of the code, make debugging etc. SO much easier to fix SW problems ;) IMHO! :)

I guess I was flashing back to some complicated projects I've worked on. (not robots however).

if you have little experience in both hardware and software, at least hardware is in the tangible world where you can touch it and feel it and see it work.   whereas sw requires  conceptualizing something happening, or imagining the flow.   

once assembled, hardware only works 1 way, whereas sw is infinitely more adjustable, therefore more complicated, and can easily make your hardware not work.   for exampe, I just spent more than a week wondering why I couldnt read an IR remote, gazing at the code endlessly, then realizing I need to pulsein waiting for high, not low.   changing a 0 to 1 made a world of difference.   duh, rookie mistake.    perhaps that would make a good tip/walkthrough?

I'm also adjusting to code much closer to the hardware than I ever have before.  programming database applications is very different than wondering how to live without negative numbers, or decimals, etc.