Let's Make Robots!

How do you survive and building bots?

I have always wondering, What all LMRs do for living? I know some of us are really building robots for daily bread. Well, I have to save every penny to build robots and also lieing to my wife for new parts as "Oh! those package are just exchanged parts~". 

Actually, I am an interactive web designer, not much relate to robot.

So, how about your story??

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I am a self-employed computer consultant since 1984.   have worked with many different types of hardware and software systems.   mostly developing SQL databases and MS Access applications, as well as setting up all kinds of servers and networks, large and small, etc.   Back in the 90's I sold the stuff, but not anymore.

I'm getting into robotics as an extension of what I already do.   I dont have any clients calling for it yet, but I'll continue to educate myself on the topic.  I think thats tax deductible too!  ;-)

"tax deductible", I like that! :D

Air cond,refrigeration,heating and controles tech....but retired since a few years. Electronic and electrical has always been part of my field and hobbies as well. Since I've discovered LMR my interest in robotic is growing everyday. Got a good pension plan I must admit...but my 30 yo son is a priority for me. Thanks an best wishes.

PC Support Technician with delusions of Sys Admin.

...working for a River Authority doing river/stream flood modeling, designing rainfall radiotelemetry networks and developing flood a forecasting system.

I have the money, but family demands and home repairs/improvement leave little time. I do manage to get a few hours a week to work on robot stuff, though.

Or electronics or programming.

I'm a retired sign-maker (plus quite a few other occupations along the way. I've always considered myself an "engineer").

Pension doesn't stretch very far when you're buying robot bits, though ;) 

I’m an ASP.NET application developer. With twin girls age 6 I don’t get all that much time anymore.
Luckily I get refund for my work on anything related to my robots for the University of Oslo.

I'd love to know how you got the deal with the University of Oslo !  Do they determine the projects or do you?  How did you get started with that ?



... time and money is limited, wife and kid get the rest ;)

So yes budget is tight both on money an time.

Work for burgerking, but I am attending Kettering University for Electrical and Computer engineering next fall.