Let's Make Robots!

How do you survive and building bots?

I have always wondering, What all LMRs do for living? I know some of us are really building robots for daily bread. Well, I have to save every penny to build robots and also lieing to my wife for new parts as "Oh! those package are just exchanged parts~". 

Actually, I am an interactive web designer, not much relate to robot.

So, how about your story??

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I design and create high availability, enterprise applications which allow large software systems the ability to communicate with one another.  I unify disparate and legacy software tribes !  Give me your tired, your poorly written code, / Your huddled massless applications yearning to become freeware !

Ahm, oh I raise chickens, illustrate children's books, and make kinetic art all on a non-profit level.   I've been tinkering with electronics ever since I was old enough to blow the fuse to my parents house.  My artists friends say I'd make a good engineer and my engineer friends say I'd make a good artist (a sarcastic lot !) .   I prefer to re-use or re-purpose parts for robots.  This keeps cost down and also appeals to my arty side.

As for time, I have found that if you don't sleep you have 8 bonus hours to experiment with!  If this is done for an extended period of time, it can also create very inexpensive hallucinogenics.


University teacher teaching electronics I,II and III. I was electronic hobbyist. Now i turned to Robotics. Robotics are too expensive i really don't know why. I believe that in future Robots must be cheap. In my country (Iraq), people are not familiar with Robotics. I m planing to create new basis for Robotics engineering in Iraq. Hopefully we will build new Robotics lab next year.


Electronic hobbyist in my (much) younger years.  Computer Draftsman with a Town Planning company.  Some LSP programming experience (I even sell some!)

Model engineer, model flyer, plastic kit builder, raiser of two children and maintainer of wife and home.  Like GroG, sleep is an expensive luxery I can't afford.  Oh yeah - I also find time to play robots!



AKA the "Big Brother" or for my co-workers "the guy who can see and hear it all"
(not true !!!! ... or is it ??? ) 

I am the network administrator (data and voice) for all the sites (land and sea) for a medium to big company.
Recently married (no regrets for it, YET). 

Also a Radio Amateur (SV9AUL)

Time .... who needs sleep ???
Money ... who needs it ??? ... we have plastic :) :) 

73's to all


I'm student too, I can't design good hardware part because I made them from crap so I focus on the software/electronical part. And it doesn't work well ^^. Robotics is (very/too much) expensive.

I'm a lab tech in the R&D department of large biotech lab. We focus on automated (robotic!) equipment to do massive amounts of genetic-based tests as fast as possible. The high point of my indentured servitude is that I have access to a wide variety of "electronic waste." I suppose everything has its moments.

I'm an 'Automation Engineer', recently graduated with a BEng in Mechatronics.
Until recently I worked for a fairly large heavy engineering workshop, doing random design, CAD draughting, calcs, FEA stress simulations, odd IT work, etc.
Now working for a small industrial integration & automation company, doing electrical design and drawings, automation process design, and PLC programming. Also end up helping out with the odd bit of mechanical design, and various paper-work/office stuff I won't bore you lot with =)

Other than that it's the usual story - used to have time but no money, now that I've finally got the tools/parts/workshop I seem to have no time =(
Have been away from home a lot in the last 6 months, but the project on the cards for the next few months should involve a lot more time spent at our workshop near where I live. Robot arms and cameras! That's all I can say for now at least =)

Well I 'm student as many members of LMR .

I dont have much time too (because of school,etc)

I dont have enough money to build what I would like to build but Im trying with what I have.

And there is not a robotics workshop near my house or even the whole area .(Thats a problem)