Let's Make Robots!

Would this work?

im thinking of making a robot that could follow one's feet, by using infrared.

the idea would be to use two or more infrared LED's and attach them to my Shoes and then two infrared sensors on the robot. it would roll a bit, then read witch sensor riceves more IR light, turn that way, roll, and repeat.

any chance it would work? Or am i just talking crazy talk?



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OK, ill take a shot at it,

as soon as i have time.(witch might not be for awhile)





 THank you for all your helpfull posts.

Im a little sad that it wouldnt work, 'cause i was thinking of making it carry my backpack on my way to school.

BUt it probbably wouldnt haved worked any way, seeing that im still not able to make a LED flash with my 28x1




Hey Nick

 try it and see, i want to do the same, but attach it to the dogs, might keep them busy during the day while I'm at work. 

That's interesting, keep us updated if you try to make it :P

There are some IR transmitter and receivers at sparkfun.. i don't know if they can be used..

have a look at this site, bit more involved than what you may be after, but it does use IR on a belt clip. http://www.shadowcaddy.com/ doesn't show you how to do it, but proves it can be done.

I think it would work. Your problem is noise. There is lots of IR in the ambient light. That's why TV remotes and stuff are "modulated." So the receiver knows if it's an actual transmitter or just noise.

You can certainly "home in" on the strongest IR signal based on some function of how frequently a pulse is "seen."

Definitely try it with something a bit less mobile than feet, though.

But try it anyway, and let us know the results.  It gives me some ideas. 


Duane S

Wilson, North Carolina  USA

It would be hard because your feet would move so much.

I think you should start with something simpler, and then progress; Make a robot drive, then make it drive towards an IR, and then..