Let's Make Robots!

Unicorn1 the olden days

Hello all I'm new to the forum but not to the hobby.

I have attached a photo of unicorn1 to show what was possible in the 80's. It was a fairly sophiticated unit and would probably turn a few heads even today. I built one of the arms and it was able to lift 40 pounds easily (I had a counterweight on it to help).

I wish the technology was further along, most of what I see on this forum can be done without a microprocessor. That said it is a great hobby for anyone. I have been out of it for the past 20 years that is a while. That is not to say that I was far away, my job was and is repairing electronics in automated equipment. Simple robots for lack of a better term.

One thing has changed over the years. In the past the hobby was a solitary one (for the most part). Now there are these forums.

I haven't come up with my project yet (and it will take a while). I am interested in learning robots but also feel they should be of use. At this point I'm leaning towards a mother and children. Although a better description would be a body with detached limbs.


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