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IK programming for Arduino?

Everything seems working now for quadbot:

Now, the programming is the diffecult part for me. Anyone can show me which direction I should go for IK programming or any book I should read to understand the concept?

Thanks a lot!!

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I don't think the OP needs a sensor; he is pretty sure the servo will be done before he needs it to be. Despite my stated distaste for the delay function, I think he could use it in conjunction with a mod to your suggested code:

void Servo1_move(int start_pos; int end_pos; int duration){

  long lDelay = (long) ( (float) duration / (float) abs(start_pos - end_pos) + 0.5);

  int iAdj = abs(start_pos - end_pos) / (start_pos - end_pos);

   for (j=start_pos;j != end_pos;j =  j + iAdj ){

    servo1.write(sv1_center + j);

    delay (lDelay);