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GROVE - Starter Bundle

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GROVE is an open modular toolset, designed to minimize the difficulty of fundamental electronic engineering. It is formed by functional modules TWIG and interface board STEM. Each TWIG has unified 4pin interface and standardized jigsaw shape for easy combination. They can work with major existing development platform (like Arduino and compatible boards, beagle board, Xbee, and etc) via STEMs.
GROVE - Starter Bundle included the very basic modules like LEDs, potion-meter, Buttons, LCD etc... 
Datasheet and manual will be available soon, the retail price will be 29 USD, Order now for only 19USD!
Pack list
  • Twig – Twin Buttons X1
  • Twig – Twin LEDs X1
  • Twig – Tilt X1
  • Twig – Buzzer X1
  • Twig – Rotary Angle Sensor X1
  • Twig – Temperature Sensor (Analog) X1
  • Twig – Smart Relay X1
  • Twig – Protoshield X1
  • Stem – Base Shield X1
  • LCD0802 Baseshield + LCD X1
  • GROVE Cable X10

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Is this still available? And if not, does an arduino user need the sheild, or could they build their own?

Thanks for the inquiry. You can buy it at Seeed's store, here's the link (http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/grove-starter-kit-p-709.html?cPath=0).

Also, you can try out our "Customize your Grove kit" service and pack up your own style Grove kit (http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/customize-your-grove-kit-p-931.html?cPath=138).