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MyRobotLab Embedded RobOscope - Over the Internet !

visualizes uC data - if your robot is part puter - you can use Alerts to change behavior


For the robot enthusiast nothing is more helpful than your trusty Oscope.  Equivlent to the a cowboy's trusty steed. Your faithful oscope will deliver you out of the most hairy situations.  When things are dark and the blue smoke looms about you, who's gonna rescue?   The Oscope !

Originally I got an old cathode nag many years ago at a surplus auction.  Didn't know the first thing about it, but I found the on switch.  I slowly turned green and a line formed.  Next came experiments without probes. It was a grumpy old beast and sometimes it did not even get up. (the cathode had problems)

Now the price for good digital oscopes has come way down. - This one (DSO Nano) looks like a uber-geek merit badge.
Then there is the non-Oscopes. 

When is an Oscope not an Oscope? - Clever hobbiests have created there own oscopes when bought solutions have been impossible. 

  • Tim Withum created an Xoscope from sound cards and clever software.
  • Fritsl with sound files
  • ArduinoScope has been the cumulination of several people for a slick oscilliscope front end working on the Arduino board

So whats the point of having an oscope, but to define values of circuits to make robots do interesting stuff.  Or to trouble shoot circuits.  For example if you want bot to avoid colliding with a wall, and you have a Sharp IR sensor you would hook it up to say an Arduino and examine the analog inputs to determine the correct value to stop.  You might find a ratio of distance to analog value.  At a certain distance/value you want the robot to turn around.  Well wouldn't it be cool if the oscope was part of the robot !?!

I now give you RobOscope !


At some point  I will incorporate creating Alerts through the GUI, so that other parts of the system can be notified if some trace crosses a threshold. (Yeah I know the "mean" is off :P ) .. 

Since the GUI operates in an Applet - You can Live-Stream your problem circuits to your friends,  how fun !?!



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That looks neat! I actually wanna make it in flash since ActionScript is the only language I am familier with, but I am not sure how much the library for flash could support.

"Well wouldn't it be cool if the oscope was part of the robot !?!" What? How? I don't get it!

If I remember correctly you've made robots or experiments which send information to the speakers, right?  For example a proximity sensor to a speaker which changes pitch depending on how close something is.   Well, it's the same thing, except I am doing it visually vs audibly.  Momo 0.8 has been torn down, and I am in the process of a rebuild.  But when Momo 0.9 is built back up, I'll make a demo.

Here is the good part :

Old Way
1. get new sensor
2. experiment with sensor not attached to robot - use tools (oscope or measuring thingy)  to guess what voltage level should change robots direction 
3. put sensor on robot
4. hope that new place for sensor, new environment, and different code will work with your sensor

New Way with RobOscope
1. get new sensor
2. put directly onto robot
3. watch sensor directly from RobOscope which is just part of robot - visualize appropriate value - say 400 for IR Sharp sensor for your robot's size, speed, location of sensor, etc - set an Alert to change behavior/direction at 400 value of the sensor !

fewer steps, less guess work, fewer errors !

the problem with most "plug in" oscilloscopes is they have a terrible bandwidth, the dso nano samples at 1msps, which at best means it can sample 100khz signals.  Don't get me wrong I would love one, but I can't find anything comparable to my 200mhz analogue model that I can afford.

You should also be careful with digital scopes, problems like aliasing can make them lie.