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How do you tell if a PicAxe 14m is bad?

I tried downloading my program to a picaxe 14m.  Now all pins show 4.5v, no matter what program I load. I did a firmware check and it says it loads a new program, but nothing changes.  How do you tell if the chip has gone bad?  The error probably lies somewhere between the seat and the keyboard, I know...just need to know which error.


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Did you let the "magic smoke" out?

It's awfully hard to get it back in once you do:-)

Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

I'm guessing you have a bad power connection or your not measuring the pins correctly. Chances are it is not the chip that's faulty.

You have not given us enough information. Show us a photo of your setup. what board is the 14M plugged into. What is your power supply. etc.

can you make a simple program to flash an led on a certain pin, then keep testing each pin by moving the LED, and changing the program, until youve gone through all the pins.

I've tried that and no luck.....may wait till my other laptop is fixed, on a netbook right now.