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Does anyone knows the conflict between Servo and Tone library?

I am trying to add the Tone in my arduino device with Servo and Tone library but there's an error:

Servo\Servo.cpp.o: In function `__vector_11':
C:\Users\Me\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Servo/Servo.cpp:103: multiple definition of `__vector_11'
Tone\Tone.cpp.o:C:\Users\Me\Desktop\arduino-0021\libraries\Tone/Tone.cpp:421: first defined here

Any clue? Thanks for any ideas.

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Part of your problem is that the new versions of ther Arduino IDE seem to have a lot of bugs. Try going back to version 0018

The other part is that the tone command uses timer 2 and does not reset it when it's finished. (supposedly fixed in version 0019).

RobotFreak helped me with this problem here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/18743#comment-44467

He came up with a nice bit of code to reset the timer after the tone command has finished.