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How to make a robot gripper

Well, it can grip stuff, and your robot can use it as hands!

**Watch the video!**

To make this project you will need:

  • A small blow torch or lighter
  • A glue gun
  • A Dremel or rotary tool
  • A few rotary tool bits(drill, sanding wheels and a cutting wheel)
  • A permanent marker
  • The Cutting pattern(can be found here http://kattejuice.deviantart.com/gall... )
  • A micro servo
  • 4 small nails or pins
  • A piece of Plexiglas (acryllic, 2x2 inches or 10x10cm)
  • A large paperclip
  • And some sealing tape

If you dont have a rotary tool use a drill, some sanding paper and a fine saw.

This project is very cheap too! it only costs about $10!! :D

Heres the prize list:

A micro servo                -$5 to $10 (mine was $6!)
4 small nails or pins      -FREE
A piece of Plexiglas      -$1
A large paperclip          -FREE
Some sealing tape       -$1


If you are new to robotics please go see my other videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMXTs-...
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Enjoy! :D

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I like it! I've bought some servos, as soon as I receive them I will create one gripper. I have a question:  is it a problem for the servo to "force" when you say to it "close!" and when it grips on? I mean is it necessary to add a touch detection, to avoid problem with the servo?

Haha! NICE!

Thanks for making this :) idd love too see it when its done!

Answer: the servo might break the gripper if your paperclip is too stiff. but if you have a "springy" paperclip or use a (metal) guitar string the it will force the spring to hold onto the object. Thats why the "servo-arm" is "bend like this" in the video :)

I hope it helped! :D

OK I can work on the elasticity of the piece made by a paperclip to protect my servo and my gripped object :)

Do not worry, I will give you a feedback very soon =)

Great, its going to be an nice feedback for xmas then :)

I have made one just to see how good it worked, and I realize that the shape of the paper clip is very important!

a photo:

video (right click / save as)

EDIT: to save space in my DropBox account, the video of my gripper is now available here. I'm still working on it, because it needs a lot of calibration =)


and yeah, the shape is important. if you had a stiff straight arm on the servo it would break itself or the object.

its "only" got 1k views on youtube and i allready recive a video of a prototype :D  thats awesome!   you can add a little -\/\/\-ish shape on the paperclip to make it even more springy if you need to :)


Now I will just wait for the others servos, which are smaller, and I will make a new smaller gripper, maybe with plastic instead of wood, because it is not working so good: I think I have made too big holes, it is not very right...

It was a prototype of a prototype :D I will try the _/\/\/\_ish shape ^^

Amazing job, I think i'm going to gibe this a try. Very detailed. keep up the great work! Thanks

Very nice instructions, thanks :)