Let's Make Robots!

What I think would be fun...

    I think we have a lot of talented people here who would all look at a problem different.  I think it would be fun for someone to think of a problem that you could solve a million different ways and have everyone take a shot at trying to solve it if they want.  Then I think it would be interesting to see all the solutions.  If the problem was simple than you could have people try to solve it simpley and straightfoward and others who would think outside the box and over complicate it.  It would be like a challenge but the prize would be the surprise of what others think.  Thanks for reading and share your ideas.

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You said "a fridge", not "your fridge" - I will be one of those who over complicate...

The first thing it would need to do is start a conversation with your neighbor's security system...

I actually meant "a fridge", put some wheels on it (the fridge) a controller and there you have it a beer delivering fridge. You call  for a beer and the fridge delivers it in person to the couch.


you would get bonus points for that.

You would get extra points if it was a side by side, but not if it was a bar fridge.


So If the standard definition of a robot was "to get a beer from a fridge" we could end up with a humanoid type going to a fridge, or a fridge type robot going to a humanoid.