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control ardubot by bluetooth...

Hey guys,

I have a small project, I want to control the robot through Bluetooth. But now, I don’t know how can I use Bluetooth and communicating it to arduino board.

These components I have:

Ardubot (_http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/129)

Blutoot Mate (_http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9358)

Can anybody help me to solve these problem?

Best regards,


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Are you looking for code to make an autonomous robot? I think you just need to learn how to program, my friend. Start with getting a led to blink and expand from there. There is even a LED on that Arduino board you can use --it is connected to pin 13. You may want to wait on this whole Bluetooth/ mobile thing for a little while.

can anyone help me the code making the robot running by ownself???

i will use android os because i dont have any symbian os. thanks for replying.


my detail project is so simple:

i want to control robot through bluetooth.

i will use the android phone, and write something on android phone.

it will send characters to robot through bluetooth and i will control robot easily.

but now, i dont know the code of ardubot, how the ardubot can work with characters.

and how the android phone can send characters to ardubot through bluetooth.

You can use the cellbots sourcecode for your need. There is the cellbots.pde sketch you will need to adapt to your robot. The cellbots app can be found in the Android market. Later on, you can write your own programs in Java or Python.

I think Python for Android is likely to be the easiest platform to develop a Bluetooth application.  I personally only have experience with PyS60 which is Python for Symbian Operating System on a Nokia smartphone.  Check out my robot (by clicking my name) for more details on that, I've included source code.

oh, im sorry, i have some mistake on connection.

so now, its working at all. 

i dont know the code how to control the robot by bluetooth.

can anyone help me the code example ???

Can you provide the details of your project?

  1. Are you wanting to control from a computer running windows or something else?
  2. Are you wanting to use a terminal program (sends text to your arduino) to control it or a console or GUI program (if so what programming language and development environment/software are you using)?
  3. Do you have a start on your arduino code you can post?  (I don't know the ardiuno libraries but I'm sure others can be very helpful)


Unfortunately, I don't have it in that form right now so what I am about to give you is from memory and may need adjustment...

In loop, I read the serial port and looked for characters q, w, e, a, s and d like this:

if (Serial.available())


byte inByte = Serial.read();

switch( inByte)


    case 'q':



     case 'w':



     case 'e':



     case 'a':



     case 's':



     case 'd':






You have to write all those functions to drive the motor and/or steering servo depending on your specific motor control and motor

I connected BT to ardubot but its not working at all (no power).

I dont know why but I think the motor driver SN754410 is broken.

I dont know how can i test its broken and why its broken???

I suggest you use a multimeter to measure the voltages at the various pins of the H-bridge.