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control ardubot by bluetooth...

Hey guys,

I have a small project, I want to control the robot through Bluetooth. But now, I don’t know how can I use Bluetooth and communicating it to arduino board.

These components I have:

Ardubot (_http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/129)

Blutoot Mate (_http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9358)

Can anybody help me to solve these problem?

Best regards,


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It's pretty simple. You don't need to configure it if you use hardware serial; just accept that it is 115,200. I put a female pin block on mine so it plugs into FTDI on a Pro Mini or Fio. I got a Fio thinking I would use it for xBee and it doesn't work with the 900 MHz Pro xBees and I got the BT Mate before deciding the xBees make more sense for the projcet, so these are castoffs that will begoing into my next toy...

The trick is the pairing from the PC. Tell it to search for the device and when it finds it you select the option to enter the code for pairing and use 1234. Pay attention to what COM port it creates. Any BT dongle on the PC works; SPP requires nothing special; it is a service supported by software. I do prefer a USB dongle to built in BT support though. Every now and then the paring gets in an odd state andi t is hard to straighten it out with a built in. With the dongle, just unplug and plug it back it in.

make sure to configure the BT module for the baud rate you want to use.  You can do this using a terminal program (ie teraterm) by sending the '$$$' configuration sequence and using the AT command set of the Roving Networks BT module.  You can only enter config mode within 60 seconds of poweron/resent.

if you have an android phone, you can try amarino

It should be easy to connect the BT module with the Arduino / Ardubot:

   BT         Ardubot

 RX-I         TX (Digital 1)

TX-O         RX (Digital 0)

VCC          5V

GND         GND

To communicate with the PC you can use the normal Serial commands from Arduino. On PC side you will need a BT dongle with SPP protocol (Serial). You will need to open a virtual COM port to connect to the BT module.