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Hello guys. I live in Canada and wanted to ask if any of you know good suppliers of robot parts in Canada. This includes electronics, hardware, discrete components, motors, sensors, breakout boards ect. Basically anything that would be useful in building robots. I like to support local companies and want to save on shipping costs/waiting times. The majority of things I order ship from the US, China or Hong Kong. Please don't give me big companies like Digikey, RobotShop ect. that have offices everywhere. I am trying to find small stores that are in Canada.The only store I am aware of like this is Dipmicro but I would love to discover more!



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Also  http://www.abra-electronics.com/ we have here in Montreal.

Solar Robotics, Fingertech, Veroboard, Robot Shop, and there are quite a few RC supplierss (see rc canada forum)

Not to mention surplus stores like Active (Toronto) and Addison (Montreal)

There is also a Canadian shop for Digikey.

So we are quite spoilt with choices! 

RobotShop in north of Montreal,Canada

custobots.com is like Solarbotics and Phidgets in Calgary / Canada, but ships worldwide.

Phidgets is in Canada but they are not cheap and kinda unique boards only for phidgets. SAYAL just right beside my office when I need something urgent.

I live in Toronto and buy most of my robotic parts locally from Creatron Inc. I talked with Mr. Cheng and he will sell my uBotino robot controller and the Robot Builder's Shield assembled. He has in store many other things that are not listed on the website. However, I buy the servos from HobbyKing.com, Mr. Cheng won't sell cheap stuff or surplus stuff. 


solarbotics.com is in Calgary. I've bought some parts from "PM hobby craft" as well, that is big general hobby shop.