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main board updates

update so far.

I've almost finished with the main circuit board. After some consideration, I stuck with the dual 08m and 14m setup.

The power input lines and vreg are set as well as the main drive wiring and com lines to the 14m from the first 8m. I have the wire layout for the programming interface layed out, just need to wire and solder it up. The wiring for com on the second 8m to the 14m needs to be set, as well as the i/o jumpers for the 8m.  once everything is set and before i put the chips in the sockets, I'll test the power rails to make sure their isn't any funkyness going on. I may need to add caps to various locations on the board, but not sure just yet though I'm starting to run low on realestate as I tried to keep everything as compact as possible. 

I have the pics of the wiring so far that I'll post up sometime soon. It's a pretty hectic work week so we'll see if I get any more work done on the board.

I think I spent  a good 6 or 7 hours on sunday laying out the wiring, checking, cutting wire, trimming, soldering, verifying and repeating for each link....You'd think it would take less time, but nope.... of course there was some intermitent tv watching, food grabbing and drink imbibing....so maybe it wasn't all that bad.