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Best Arduino (compatible) board?

I want to make the next generation of the "Start Here"-instructions be based on Arduino instead of Picaxe.

Some will say that it was about freakin time, but so far the advantage of the Picaxe has been that I could chose a single board that "did it all": Hook up Motors, Servos, sensors and everything.

This, and the fact that the Picaxe Basic Language needs very little introduction, made it the choise - even though the Arduino series has been a lot more popular recent years.

However, now there are such boards as The uBotino V2 Kit that does it all: You can connect servos and motors and sensors and all.

It is not that I mind the Arduino shields, it is a nice way of thinking IMHO, but for a start robot, I need AT LEAST motor control on the main board.

But it is a open source jungle out there, so I need your knowledge;

What other boards are there, that at least has motor control on the board, and even better if it can also control servos, and or other stuff? And has this board good community support, and can it be purchased assambled?

Thanks friends :)

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A complete premade board is much more cookie cutter IMO, I think more can be learned by wiring the connections first hand.  The point is it can make it both easy to instruct (by Frits) and a newbie is less apt to make mistakes and can feel more confident as it is less abstract than a picture alone.  Anyway, just a possible tool for success.

I think the goal of the start here robot is not only to learn robotics, but also to experience success so the user will want to continue building robots.  This thread is destined to get off topic.