Let's Make Robots!

I have some GPS modules I will swap for sensors


These are Pharos GPS-360s that came with MS Streets but they have been hacked for use with micro-controllers. They are breadboard ready and I will provide info on pinouts and even an Arduino sketch to read them. They are accurate, especially in motion, but tend to report they are jumping around in a small area (maybe 15' under an open sky) when at rest. It is still the "right" small area, but for my application I need ridiculous accuracy. Anyway, I have 3 of these to trade.

Breadboard not included. If you look up FTDI you can figure out the pinout from this picture (I will provide more specific info; that's just an FYI in case you get your hands on one some other way).

I would like to get some sensors to try. Ultrasound or infrared would be preferred but I would be interested in other things as well.

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I see from your profile that you are in Croatia, so I would want to wait until next week to send anything (lines at post office are bad this week). I am in the US. I would have to send them the slow way for it to be a reasonable cost. I will use "Contact" to get up with you on specifics.


I have 2 QRB1134 infrared line sensors and parts for homemade IR sensors and colour detectors which I just need to finish. And few homemade touch sensors (just microswitches with resistor ready to plug and play) if you need them. So if you need anything of that I'd be happy to trade with you.