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XINO basic for PICAXE, and PIC Arduino shaped

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This looks like a wicked cool board that takes a Picaxe (or any other PIC) and a motor driver, like a standard Picaxe board.. But way cheaper, and then on top: It is apparently compatible with Arduino shields.

So you can find any cool Arduino shield, and just work with Picaxe. Sounds like a cool deal to me, if one is into Picaxe, and would like to dive into the world of shields :)

Have not tried it though, let me know if you have :)

Can be found everywhere, also on ebay :)

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Mine arrived today, all I need now is the picaxe... I'll probably write a review when it's all here :D

Oh, a review would be very nice! :)

I bought mine off ebay and it seemed so cheap I had to buy two. Less than £3 each bargin.

They come in kit form and it only takes a few minutes to put together. They support 18 and 28 pin pics and picaxes hence the two different holders on the board. Also you have to use one or the other as it can only run one. I was going to build up a main board myself but for how much these cost and how neat they are, this was the better option coupled with the ability to add sheilds to it makes it like christmas all over again.  :) Theres no scope for a motor driver on the actual board, but my one is the basic version.....so my first sheild would will probably be some form of motor driver