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quadrapod coding

my last post was not very appropriate so i will try to comply with rules as much as possible this time.

my latest projects for the school fair are a robotic hand and a quadrapod

I am done with the mechanics of the quadrapod. It uses a picaxe and only has 4 servos

i noticed that delays as long as 1 second in the code makes my quadrapod very slow.

i was wondering what can i do to reduce the delays and make it move faster

my code to make the pod move forward is as follows:-



servo 3, 100

servo 2, 100

servo 1, 100

servo 0, 100

wait 1

servo 3, 160

servo 2, 160

servo 1, 160

servo 0, 160

wait 1

goto main


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Any chance of posting some pictures of your work?

How do you get a quadrapod moving with only 4 servos?

A pictures tells a thousand words :-)

1 microcontroller, 4 servo, the robot is not perfect, and the balance is not great but it manages to walk,


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Nice to see someone is building quadrapod, too. It seem harder than hexapod. So you have image of your robot? How many servos and microcontroller you are using?

oh man, 

thank you kawal.

the forward code works like a charm.

i get hung up on basic things 

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its okk..

everyone gets hung up on basics..



did u finish ur hexapod.

do u have ur code

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u can reduce it to 0.5 sec by using"pause 500" instead of  "wait 1"