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we got baby orangutan b328 but we are not having any usb programmer to burn the code... can u suggest anything to program the orangutan...

We didnot posses dc-dc converter what shold we have to do to reduce the weight


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you could try using two smaller lipo batteries in series to double the voltage supply

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Wow, was that run at 2/3 speed (velocidad=160) as in the code?  if so this thing can top 9 feet per second, very impressive!  Have you tried the 5:1 HP motors from pololu with any success?

Hi, thx for the comments, the max speed (duty cycle) on the video is 62% (160/255).

I didn't try the 5:1 HP motors, the max speed with the 10:1 HP motors is higher than the max speed that I can control.

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I see, now you have me contemplating a very fast/lightweight microbot, possibly with the 5:1 HP :)

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Impresionante!!! Very fast. I am always amazed at how something so simple as a line follower can still be so impressive when well done!

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Wow! That's fastest line follower i've ever seen!

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that is a rocket. I just finsished a line follower myself with arduino but I used the 100:1 gear motors from pololu and it travels much slower than that. I should still post it even though yours leaves mine in the dust.  :  )

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They used a 10:1 gear ratio which would put the speed ten times faster if the same wheels were used.