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Arm Robot C++ Coding


Hello everyone,

I'm new to the world of robotics and i need your help. I've made an arm robot and it's consisted of 4 servo motors and the photo shows the rest.

Now, I want to program it to pick something and move it to another place. I just don't have an experience with C++ programming so I was hoping someone would help me to program it using this language so I can use MS Visual Studio to control it.


Hope that someone would help! :)

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If you are planning on using VS why not use VB?

These are Robotis Dynamixel AX-12 servos. A software library for VS exists at the Forest Moon website for the AX12 Arm project.

Are you wanting to make a GUI (graphical user interface)?  I would start with a calculator tutorial on Youtube, then learn how to setup a com port in C++.  You might want to include more details of what your working with and what/how you want to control it.  Cheers and welcome to LMR!

Hoi ForeverFree,

Want to give MyRobotLab a try?  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge....

Its extensible, so after manually training it through the gui, you can add other services... Like Voice Recognition - so you may Command it to grab that something and move it to another location !

It runs on Java and talks to micro-controllers...   Conceptually, there is no limit to the number of servos it can control ...
Bwah ha ha ...

You have a webcam?  Integrate it !  Try to pick things up... Bwah ha ha !

Sensor Monitor included ! ... add sensors !  (did I say Bwah ha ha already?)

Here are some screen shots of the gui.

From where someone can download  "Myrobotlab"?

What OS do your run ?
Do you have Java 1.6 ?
What hardware do you have for your project ?

Im working on a windows xp box.

Yes I have Java 1.6.

I dont have specific hardware yet I am waiting for a robotis bioloid premnium robot kit to come .

Make it communicate with a chess engine and i would be in ;)

This one http://jchecs.free.fr/en/webstart.php  ?

Should I begin to assimilate?


If you could get it to communicate with an engine where i can feed it serial input of a move and get serial output of the computers move i would be jumping up and down. As far as i have googled, I do not have the power to do it. 

Mac 10.6.5     Java 1.6     ;)