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Ustream ,irc and python 3.1

Hello everyone Im on a project that will be interactive (short of) and  I will use ustream for video streaming and

the irc channel it comes with .So I will use the irc channel to pass data to an arduino and then do what it is programmed to do

but I want to use python 3.1 to get arduino communicating with irc channel.

But I cant find any library that works with python 3.1 .

Is there any library that works with the 3.1 version?

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Are you wanting to communicate via serial COM port using Python 3.1 as well, or just need a way to do the web communication?

For my chess robot communication i originally started off using python but was having problems with it timing out on the IRC channel. Didnt get much past that before i switch to perl with the help of Rik. Perl worked well for me, but to answer your question, yes you can communicate with a IRC channel using python. There are multiple IRC bots around the web using python that may help you as examples.




A bot example:



yes I want to use the serial COM to communicate with my arduino.

I am curious if you are new to Pyhton.  If so you may find Python 2.x a better fit due to larger support and the fact that 3.x isn't very backwards compatible and less friendly (although evolving).  Anyways, pySerial API will work with both Python versions:


If you find a good wiki/tutorial on pySerial please share :)

As for IRC I haven't really researched it :(  Sounds like fun though!

You may also find this helpful:


Yes as you guessed Im new to Python but I heard that Python 3.1 is the latest version and thats why I started with it.

Is it easy to turn in to 2x versions?

Please read line three of this link:


I encourage you to use python 2.7.1 (current version).  For more info I suggest googling "python 2 vs 3"

For an awsome set of python 2 video tutorials go here - you may also want to check out the wxpython tutorials if you make it to the end of those 44 video tutorials.