Let's Make Robots!

wrt54g as robot brain

Andrey Mikhalchuk demonstrates how to hack a popular wifi router to have an rs232 interface (or two). The openwrt project allows us to actually use that powerful hack. Andrey did what few people did before: he added a micro servo controller and TING robot's done!

I always had the desire (and a legitimate business need) to operate anything wirelessly via tcp/ip. Linux is my specialty. This seems the way to go. These routers can be had for little money at second hand market places.

Adding wireless communications to a microcontroller can be very complex or very expensive. This is doing the reverse: adding a uC to a preexisting wifi router. The accompanying powerful processor/memory makes your dream platform complete.

via hackaday

(with apologies to John Williams and Henry Mancini)


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I liked the wrt54g when it came out cause it was so hackable, but damn....thats just really freekin cool.