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Possible robot reactions

To other users,


               I was wondering, is it possible for the robot to react at voice commands?

And what actions could a robot do generally?

Another batch of questions are: It says that a robot has a personality. Does it? In what way can we witness it?

Could it's actions be based on their personality or does it only apply to artifical intelligence?


I hope I can get some advice. Thank you.

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I have been coding-in "personallity" to Walter the robot for quite a while now. Personallity is a funny thing --It is an emotion, so it can not be programmed, however, we as humans will automatically assign human qualities to just about everything we see. --The front of a car with the grill and headlights will always look like a face, for instance. One can take advantage of this and make their robot "look" or "act" "human" in various ways. The head on my robot can tilt from side to side --this one motion adds HUGE amounts of personallity over a head that can only go left to right. Simple beeps or sounds or speech, if played at the right time, can make you think the machine is actually "alive". Hell, Seasame Street has been making chunks of foam rubber "real" for over 30 years! So, it can be "faked" pretty well, but never done as well as a real human.


Hi Mickey_Mouse. I've never used them before personally, but you can get voice recognition hardware and software to allow your robot to react to voice commands. You can take a look here: http://www.societyofrobots.com/sensors_voice_recognition_robot.shtml

A robot can do just about anything you can think up! I would recommend not shooting for something too advanced, try building the "Start Here" robot for now. 

About the rest of your questions, I don't really understand. A robot might have a "personality" in some respects based on its program, but not true intelligence, at least not yet.