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control ardubot by wireless + camera...

Hey guys,

I have a small project, I want to control the robot through wireless and seeing everything through camera (camera on this ardubot). But now, I dont know what components I must have??? what kind of wireless and camara connecting to ardubot???

I want to control the ardubot through server (pc) by mobile phone. The data will transfer from ardubot to mobile phone through server (pc) and otherwise mobile phone can send data to ardubot through server (pc).

These components I have:

Ardubot (_http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/129)


Can anybody help me to solve these problem?

Best regards,


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please, help me step by step,

the first step i want to do is controlling the robot by mobile phone through server. i will use android phone.

the second step, i will do it after i have done the first step so dont worry about the camera soon.

thanks so much.


The Cellbot application is a great GUI to control robots with an Android phone. I've done this for my MASHR robot. Only thing needed is a Bluetooth modem, like the Sparkfun Bluetooth mate. A ready-to-use Arduino sketch can be found at the Cellbot Codepage. Didn't test it, but it should be possible to stream the phone live video to a PC.


To do that, you need something running on all 3 devices and at least 2 of them are probably custom. There may be some way to send from the phone to the PC without creating an android app. I don't know if there is, but it doesn't seem entirely unlikely. Since phones can be Bluetooth serial devices (usually to expose modems) I would not be surprised to find some application that let you send keys as serial input. If you are trying to do this from anywhere, then you might be using TCP and you will have to figure out how to get through firewalls or whatever.

I remote control one of robot platforms with Bluetooth as a serial device. It can be as simple as accepting characters like l = left, r = right, go = go, s = stop or whatever makes sense, but you have to see if there is serial data available and then read it and decide what to do.

On the PC, you would need something that reads input from the phone and sends it on to the robot.

I would attack these one at a time, probably starting with the PC to robot connection.

You are being way too ambitious here :) Its not a bad thing ! But i too recommend you start with something simpler ! Check the start here robot :)

I just checked out the link you gave to the arduinobot. You know, if you go to that link and scroll down just a bit, there is a robot shown called "The Annoyatron". It has on it, pretty much everything you want to do --bluetooth, a wireless camera etc. I would start check out those links there. The parts on that robot will get you going in the right direction. Just start going through those links and google anything you find that you don't understand.

--You may want to start a bit simpler.

i dont have any experience about this kind of code.

i only know a little java and c++, but i can learn a new language.



Have you ever written any kind of code before? Any kind of programming?