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Qns regarding ATtiny

Hi all,


I'm considering a low cost solution for my next project & i stumble across the ATtiny.

what I needed to do requires only 3 digital I/Os.


I'm new to the ATtiny & it seems that the programmer costs a bomb.relative to the chip.

Any recommendations for the programmer and the IDE?



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The libraries are what make Arduino coding easy. I have been doing a bunch of Arduino and just getting started with moving one project to straight AVR. The majority of my functions are straight C logic and they compile just fine. Interfacing with hardware is more tedious. It's not hard if you have experience dealing with registers and bit masks and all that, just more steps. I like the structure that Arduino gives you with the setup() and loop() and will stick with that in straight AVR.

You can also look into making the Arduino libraries work with whatever you choose. If you read this forum thread:


you will get an idea what I mean. The Pololu Orangutan is an ATMega based controller that is not an Arduino per se, but there are libraries out there to make it work. Other ATMega boards also have libraries (I think there is one for the Teensy). Upside is quick development, downside is slight bloat.

Should have mentioned that...


I am taking the previously suggested bootloader route for now. The 32u is a good way to go for coding as the USB is separate from the serial port so you can hook up what you want on the serial port and leave it there while programming. My biggest gripe with Arduinos, especially the Pro Mini, is having to free up the serial port to program it. The Teensy is also based on the 32u. Anyway, I am using the breakout board on the breadboard like a chip and should be able to program chips with the hex files when I get to that point.

Here is a better product page:


including info on how to program it from the Arduino IDE. When you consider that it is nothing but a breakout board, that means you can do "pure" ATMega chip programming in the Arduino IDE.

AVR studio is free; I downloaded it and installed no problem. I am looking into the same thing myself and have a few watches set on eBay, like this one:


$11.50 US delivered. I don't have one yet, but the feedback rating says to me they work. The reason I haven't pulled the trigger yet is that unless actually programming the units is part of your job, you may be better off going with a Teensy or similar unit for development.

I have this one http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1300 . Should work with all the Attiny and Atmega and it works with the AVR studio IDE. Not to mention its other features you can read up on. I have used it the the AVR Studio IDE and an Attiny85v. AVR studio can be downloaded here: http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/tools_card.asp?tool_id=2725 dont worry its free.