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Cam with AVR microcontroller

I plan to make a cam with the AVR microcontroller in order to have some video.

Can I do this with the Atmel AVR?

the cam: http://www.robotshop.com/sfe-cmos-camera-640-480.html

the mcu : Atmel AVR mega8 or higher level

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Hi arbarnhart,

I want to build the system myself for the project haha

so i cannot just buy the system. thankyou for your reply=)

but do you or anyone know how to choose a suitable cam and microcontroller for capture the video?? like FPV

thankyou for your reply=)

My project is planned to get the video from the cam and also the accrelation from the accelerometer.

Then, save the data in the SD card through the microcontroller.

I'd like to hear more about what you want to do- ie video processing, display on LCD, record to SD card, etc.


They don't pack a lot of RAM. I have seen some cameras at rc hobby sites that take video straight to sd cards and they are switched on/off by controllers. 

This is one popular product:


if you go to the Google shopping link, you will see all sorts of digital activators and whatnot for it.

They call the use of this "First Person View" and it is somewhat controversial in the RC community, especially with RC planes.


actually, the controversy is more from outside the RC community.