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POV (persistence of Vision) from Hacked "Aircraft carrier marshalling light"

Take one Aircraft carrier marshalling light ..... or something you can pick up at the local supermarket for 10CHF(10dollars) like i did.

Hack the living daylights (joke intended) out of it.

Result =  4x8 neat LED rows..........plus a neat battery box,enclosure and strong magnet (for another project)

With a dremmel cut the positive tracks and expose some of the copper track

Solder ribbon cable to each LED.(and one common ground cable)

now attach it to one bike spoke

Along with a Syncronising magnetic reed switch.

Connect the ribbon cable to an Ardweeny programmed to work as a POV (i used this one Breadboard POV as base but hacked the reed switch in as it was more reliable). This version can display charaters 5x10 pixels - i liked this version because it is real simple to change the patterns.

Program the data with your favorite Buzz words - jump on your bike and make a local advertising round.


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Nice work Gareth. Is the slant in the lettering due to changing the output pins one at a time rather than the entire port at once or are they mounted on an angled spoke?

You know what, in my excitement to attach it to the wheel - i just choose a random spoke....... the very spoke that leans backwards - had i chosen the neighbor on the opposite side (which leans forwards) then it would have given straighter lines.

I will get around to writing my own version.........

.... Thanks for the acute observation ....... hot glue at the ready

What supermarket do you go to get an "Aircraft Carrier Marshalling Light"?  Were they next to the navy beans?

Did you try without the synchronizing switch?  I'm curious how it would look if the timing is set as a constant, and the pattern moves relative to the speed multiplier/factor of the current wheel speed.