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Arduino Fio, I2C, GPS and motor issues

Anyone else using one? It is sort of an odd choice for robotics, but I got one for a project that it didn't work out for. The built in xBee support doesn't work with the 900 Pro. It's a power problem - it has too little. But I am powering it with 6v to its VIN from a BEC, so it was simple enough to daisy chain a couple of diodes from the BEC to a breadboard to give me 5v that I can power components with. I have a GPS and compass on the breadboard. I currently have Bluetooth on the hardware serial line and I am controlling a motor with ESC and a servo for steering my RC truck chassis. I will have to get a current shot tonight.

Anyway, I had trouble with using NewSoftSerial and the servo library at the same time, but found some info at the Arduino site about using the old servo library (now called Servo2 to avoid collisions) and implemented that and it seemed to take care of the initial problem. What would happen is that every time I received a packet of GPS info, the unit would lurch forward because some spurious PWM was generated. Now that doesn't happen, but I temporarily quit getting GPS info when I move on purpose. I am not sure if that is motor interference or ???

I have a compass on I2C using pins 4 & 5, but have had no luck getting anything from it yet and sometimes lock up in wire library calls. A search for anyone doing anything with I2C and a Fio has been fruitless.

It would be nice to figure this out. The Fio has a good sized flash memory and would be a good choice for the project from a processing capability POV.