Let's Make Robots!


Hi everyone,

This is my most recent project. It is a robot which uses two cheap drills’ motors, that I bought a while ago for my tank. I didn’t like using tracks, so on this one I’m using wheels.

The motors are controlled by a arduino duemilanove using this motor driver board that I designed myself:

Unfortunately I made a mistake on the design so I had to correct it with some wires…


The only tests I did were using a wiimote and a processing application to remote control it, but I hope to make it autonomous soon.


The motor holders were my first work with polymorph and are quite good :D


As you know, comments, ideas, questions and suggestions are always welcome! :)



Oh, the name comes from this Portuguese traditional toy.

I think that the mean in English of "Pião" is a "Top".

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Nice motor driver! What can it handle per channel? Great use of your netbook by the way, I'm impressed how fast you can get different applications up and running by using it.

I'm not sure, but when I tested the motors they had peeks of almost 9 A...

Like I wrote on Youtube; A new definition of a fast PC :)


I like it!

It seems very powerful, i think you could add a lot of weight without any problems!

Be careful with the hard drive of your netbook , if you have one :)

I am just coming to get some news.

How is your new home made motor driver? no problems with it? Does it heat much? I have bought 2 drills but the fuses of my Amp-meter is dead -_-" (before i tested it).