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Annoying Solar Sound Module

ticks, tocks, buzzes and changes audio patterns depending on light level

I'm learning while doing.  I know it is working as the Jameco catalog is now bedside reading and when I re-read the Forrest Mims Getting Started in Electronics I am beginning to have more "oh, I get it maybe" reactions.  I still have many more "huh?" reactions though.  This project is sending me back to Mr. Mims and back to the web to work through what I just made as I REALLY, REALLY need to mod it!!!!!  


solar sound module



I tied the loop ends of the legs together.



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Another nice one, Emma.

I like your free-formed circuits and whimsical style. Keep up the good work!

That seems to be a contradiction. Your circuit only serves to tell us that it isn't. Your bot is smarter that us! Good job.

I have little explanation for you. I never built or designed such a circuit. The description mentions three oscillators that are competing each other for the little energy available from the solar cell. It also mentions that you should search for the most "interesting" point in the circuit to connect your buzzer. And that experimentation is encouraged.

This suggests to me that you found the point in the circuit that is the most "interesting" at low voltages. Other points may prove to give high pitch sounds at different voltages (read: light levels).

Let's face it: this circuit was designed to create chaos and confusion.