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Not a smart way to connect Easy Radio modules!

ER900TRS: An extremely smart little module.

You just give it some volts, and a serial string, and it transmits it over air to another ER900TRS. This one can be pretty-pretty far away if you have an antennae - and it willoutput the serial string.

It cannot be more easy to communicate ASCII from one microcontroller to another!

But they are quite expansive, and so I thought instead of usin a new one for each project, I would make some sort of hook-up-system with old IDE-PC-cables..



Idea was that I should just solder the cable, and then insert the module when needed here and there..

This is not a good idea.

Darn thing does not connect very well that way, and so I spend hours and hours bugtracking on the dumb strings that did not come in right :D

Liiiitle looose connections, all the time.



This is how to do it:




I found out that one can just de-solder the pins rom the module, and add some wire. Stick some ffemale headers to the wire, and you are go to insert radio-transmission in 2 minutes on any standard project board :)


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Hi Yoppy,

Your english is better than mine ;) - And I do understand your questions. However, it would take me half a day to come up with an answer, and that is simply too much - I have my own stuff to try to build.

I am happy to answer questions regarding things I have made, and made instructions on, but here we are talking third party, and I can only hope someone else is just working with these modules, are into them right now, and will answer you - I am somewhere else right now, sorry ;)

Best of luck, perhaps you should ask in the forum, make a new topic, and wait for someone to answer. This post is really just about the not-smart way of connecting..

/ Fritsl

Thanks for the tip, Im working with this modules, but I have a problem, I can't measure RSSI. I was wondering if you could give me some tip to test the Recieved Signal Strenght. Thanks for reading!