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Hardware Error on my first robot

For Christmas I got a Picaxe-28 project board, so now after being on this site for quite a while, I've finally got round to building my first proper robot. =D

I've been having great fun building and trying out various components on my robot, I was suprised by the small size of project board, it looks bigger in people's pictures.

I have each individual part working, and am able to program them to do things, but when I put everything together into one program (based on the start here bot) I'm either getting syntax or hardware errors in MacAXEpad. It's working fine with just a simple program (move servo etc).

The syntax error seems to have disapeared, it was saying the error what whatever the first letter of the program was, so my program was: "main: " ... and the error was syntax "m" weird...

Anyway, the hardware error which is the main problem now seems to be somewhat random, although it appears on longer code, and not on short simple code.

Everything seems to be connected properly, as it has been working. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this, I might try the Programming Editor on windows otherwise.

I'm going to post a robot page once I have some pictures.


I've now switched to windows, and the Programming Editor, which seems to be able to do everything much better then Axepad. This could get frustrating in the future. One noteable difference seems to be the 28x2 chip numbers, as Rev-Ed have changed to PIC18F25K22 (the chip I have), which the programming editor recognises, but Axepad doesn't (it only has the older 5v/3v variations) and this chip is 3v or 5v. So I don't know if that make any difference or not.

Anyhow, my first robot is now working and happily roving around my house =D