Let's Make Robots!

Self submitting robot

Thinking about it, the ultimate goal must be a robot that can not only build new robots, but the robots should also be able to submit themselves on LMR!

This challenge is not that radical, but here it goes:

Inspired by Gareths exciting work, this challenge is: Make a robot that submits itself to LMR, creates other relevant / interesting content to LMR, or a robot that shouts in the LMR shoutbox.

BUT.. It MUST be depending on physical moving parts.

So, what would not be accepted would be a programmed Macro that runs on your OS, frantically shouting in the box.

What WOULD be accepted, was a simple robot arm that pressed keys on your computer, or a mouse with motors and sensors, that could drive to the OK-button and submit itself after you posted it.

Also, if your bot just want to shout to the rest of us when you are home, or take pictures of other robots, that is cool!

What would be FTW would be anything that through mechanical means, and the use of sensors, would write text, or take pictures for the rest of us to read and or see. The more extreme, the better, but anything goes :)

You can do 99% of the task yourself, but this challenge is to make a robot that contributes or assists you to create content to be submitted on LMR - on "the backside of the camera and or keyboard" so to speak.

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Sounds cool can't wait to see some robots!!

Its really quite a simple job to control the cursor with your robot ......search Johnny Lee Youngs work on "white board"

If you use a beamer like i have then you can zoom the shout box to any size and navigate to it easily ... pressing the "ok" button would be very easy, however i have to scratch my head re typing stuff in........Stay tuned.......

(.......you dont actually need to beamer ......you just need a space on your floor .... being a virtual canvas/pen/enclosure - the infraRed (picked up by WiiMote) does the rest  (the beamer just makes it visible)) ........ i have often thought about putting a small bot on a LCD screen that lies flat on a table (now theres an idea to spark off some enterprising LMRs)

Its a neat and fun idea:-  robots being able to present themselves to the internet - based on what happens in thier surrounding environment.

I like your TV idea, I think I'll try it soon :)

If you're a Windows user, don't forget that it is possible to use a on-screen keyboard to type things using the mouse or a robot using the Jonhny Lee metod.

More info here: http://www.microsoft.com/enable/training/windowsxp/oskturnonuse.aspx

True! Many OS's in general has settings and extra options for "Diasbled". That might translate into "Disabled and Robots". Depending on OS, features also includes big letters, sharp contrast, and alternative ways to input and read output.

Hmm.. Are there other places IRL where "disabled" has paved the way for "robots"? Hmm.. :)

I can't wait to see a robot that types using a keyboard!

AHAHA that's awesome. Recursion anyone ?